The Top Five Cardano NFT Marketplaces

top five cardano nft marketplaces

Let’s talk about Cardano NFT marketplaces!

If you’ve been in the Cardano ecosystem long enough, you’ve probably run into some Cardano NFT (CNFT) fans or creators. Because of Cardano’s low fees and excellent smart contract capabilities (including the ability to send an NFT just like its native token ADA), the CNFT space has grown by leaps and bounds since the feature went live in 2021.

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What are Cardano NFTs?

Cardano NFTs (or CNFTs as they are popularly called) are non-fungible tokens on the Cardano network. NFTs are units of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be 100% unique and interchangeable.

Because of the effort and development that went into implementing smart contracts on Cardano, CNFTs are easy to buy, sell, mint, and send, making companies like NMKR and Nami wallet household names in the Cardano world. But wallets and minting services are nothing without vibrant marketplaces to host and distribute CNFTs, which is why Ghostchain NFT Club has prepared this brief list of the top five Cardano NFT marketplaces. It’s part history, part fun, and all ADA!

How many Cardano marketplaces are there?

Since Cardano is a relatively new blockchain, you might not be surprised to find out that only 15 Cardano NFT marketplaces exist. This can seem like a small number compared to other blockchains like Ethereum, but it is pretty impressive when you realize that most have been around less than two years. The Cardano community has quite the “builder” mentality regarding supporting their favorite chain, and sites like or help track various statistics related to the CNFT space.

How popular are Cardano NFTs?

Far from being a “ghost chain,” more than one million CNFTs have been sold across 15 marketplaces. Additionally, almost six million CNFTs have been minted, while there are more than seven thousand verified projects across the space. These numbers will only increase in the future and will do so with the support of the top five Cardano NFT marketplaces listed below.

What are the top five Cardano NFT Marketplaces?

Of the 15 Cardano NFT marketplace that currently exist in the Cardano ecosystem, five stand out, helping to grow the CNFT space. They are:,,,, and

If there were “one marketplace to rule them all” in the Cardano ecosystem, it would be

This CNFT marketplace is the shining jewel of the ecosystem, dominating above all with more than 94% of the market share. Featuring all the well-known Cardano NFT projects such as Pavia, Spacebudz, Clay Nation, and Chilled Kongs, makes it easy to connect a wallet and purchase, mint, and sell your favorite CNFTs. Although less well known than the popular OpenSea Ethereum NFT marketplace, it is nonetheless the “OpenSea” of Cardano.

Spacebudz is currently the most valuable CNFT collection on Cardano, with a market floor of 3,000 ADA (approximately $1,500). Their official website is an introduction to and marketplace for Spacebudz, a collection of 10,000 unique animals and creatures. Quickly becoming one of the most sought-after collections in the CNFT space, it’s no wonder that Spacebudz’s official website is the second most trafficked CNFT marketplace!

If you found the name of this CNFT marketplace hard to pronounce, don’t worry. It’s just the domain name for the DEADPXLZ project, which are the first interactive CNFTs. Their website, similar to Spacebudz, serves as both an introduction and marketplace for this unique project. Launched in March 2021, this unique approach to NFTs has quickly become one of the most popular and exciting in the space.

NFT lovers that are more familiar with the traditional layout of OpenSea will immediately feel at home when they visit With a clean design and robust features to connect many of the most popular Cardano wallets, hosts all of the most popular CNFT collections and emerging ones, such as Mutant Mice, Pixendo Games, and Dead Ape Club.

The original CNFT marketplace launched in July of 2021, and it’s no wonder is still around and hosting collections from around the Cardano community. Helping to popularize and distribute CNFTs from the very beginning, also allows users to earn $CNFT for every NFT they buy or sell. With a sleek homepage and new collections popping up daily, this marketplace will continue to be around for quite some time!

Which Cardano NFT marketplace is the best?

Obviously, the one(s) that have Ghostchain NFT Club for sale! All jokes aside, when it comes to buying CNFTs, only you can decide which marketplace is best for your particular needs. Are you trying to buy a CNFT for utility, artistic enjoyment, or to support your favorite community?

While many Cardano NFTs are on the most popular marketplaces, some are relegated to just a few of the most popular ( The sky is the limit if you’re using an official Cardano wallet and following best crypto practices!

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